Myself Into Myself Testo

Testo Myself Into Myself

I get that feeling
A brand new healing
Coming from the inside
Just when the edge
Was getting closer softly and slowly
Whay do i have to keep on fighting?
Need to leave this place soon
'cos i udes to be afraid but now i'm ready.
To start again
I'll resist the pain
i will break my chains
I'll spread my wings
I'll lift my eyes
Up to the sky
And i turn myself into myself
I trid in vain to find a reason
Yo stay here to justify
things don't go the way you plan them to
It never is
I'm sick to live in the shadows
Now it's time to shine on
And now that i've found myself
Oh, i feel ready

I will stumble and fall
but i won't fear
in spite of it all
Though i'll stumble and fall
I won't turn back
i have seen it all
With these blind eyes
I'll find my way
Now i've got a view
without asking why
There'll be something
to make me feel brand new
And I'll kiss my life, it overwhelms me.
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