Á Rebours Testo

Testo Á Rebours

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
You sent for me I was knock knock knocking on death's door You ignore, adore, a rebours me Leave me washed up begging for more If you really cared for me Ah you let me be You set me free But what you robbed me of is my... Oh poor me, my liberty The curtain was calling You were there blewn away and a rebours In the mirror bawling If you want it so much go on have it all Ah if you really cared for me Christ knows you'd let me be You'd set me free I'm too polite to say 'fuck off' I defy you all You know twice as much as nothing at all It's still nothing at all I can defy us all Tides are now turned and hammered it all Hammered it all Ah, no, ah no, ah no... I've been running round this world too much, girl Pretending not to see What's drilling me, it's killing me Oh no, I think I understand What I misunderstood before How your love gives me so much more Now I'm free again, I can see again.. But if I should fall Would you vow today to pay tomorrow The fuck off big debt I owe to sorrow... Ah, oh... sorrow... sorrow... Ah, oh... sorrow Ah, no, ah no, ah no...

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