The Devil Sent You To Lorado Testo

Testo The Devil Sent You To Lorado

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I still remember the pianoPlaying the same old melodiesThe late-night crowdWas wild and loudBut then a shotOutside the bar-room ...And then I saw you for the first timeThe way you stepped out of the darkUp to the barSaid, "Here we are ...Whiskey for me,For you Tequila"The devil sent you to LoradoBecause he knew that I was thereA man with such a faceIn such a lonesome placeCan only be a desperado.The devil sent you to LoradoBecause he knew that I was thereAnd when I heard you'd stayI felt it right awayYou'd shake my lifeLike a Tornado.I still remember the pianoPlaying a different melodyYou won at cardsYou won at dartsLeft all the men without a dollarAnd now you gotta leave LoradoThey want you out of here by noonOh, I can tellI'm in a spellSo here we go to Amarillo ....

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