Hand Claps And Loud Sighs Testo

Testo Hand Claps And Loud Sighs

well you won't believe in. the words that i'm saying. you lied, and i lied, and you lied, we all lied. it's not like we never said it before. it was just underlined by the absence of our carismatic tongues. tell me what you've done. give me a new name, it won't change a thing. new letters can't make me a new person. but it can make me brave. i can act like i don't care when in really do. sit there with blue eyes. and blue shirt with blue sighs. you're the only one you're the only one you're the only one you're the only one. i wanna be here i wanna be here i wanna be here. so don't tell me to go and don't tell me to go. 'cause i won't. fuck forever. live for now til' whenever. you can blame it on me. but don't blame it on the weather. it's a beautiful day if you ask me. cloudy or not, i'm just glad to know there's a sun. hand claps and loud sighs. big laughs and loud cries. thunderstorms and ugly homes. big kids in little clothes. no need to wonder if the rain's gonna come our way

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