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Testo Lost In Love

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
you've got two left feet. and a way with words. you're in love with the "spottless mind". but the ending's no good. you've got an eye for luck. along with black and white photographs. not too fond of windy nights. but you could spend all day. laying in the grass. staring up toward the sky. hoping to skip with the sunset. you're such a sucker for a sad song. "summers always too long". sitting in a swingset. trying just to sing along. with the song you've had stuck in your head since this morning. here's to 3,2,1s and plastic guns. living in this city just ain't no fun without you. and your lack of consequence. so wrap me up in your sympathetic sighs. saturday mornings and sweet white lies. i'm gonna pass out in the passenger seat. talk to keep you awake 'til i fall asleep. and you'll laugh out loud at the irony of light. and the lack there of when you close your eyes. close them tight. lost in love, but it's better than none. i'm looking to fall asleep in your arms. here's a kiss on the cheeck to you from me and one on your hand so you can dream. and two on your sides so you won't cry. and so you know, when you wake up it's all gonna be alright

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