Think Of Me When The Rain Hits Your Window Testo

Testo Think Of Me When The Rain Hits Your Window

I think I'm beginning to have second thoughts
About the world outside
And the time I haven't got
Thoughts are spinning like the minute hand on my wall
The one that's mocking me
Even though it's motionless
It still finds room to breath
And even though I'm suffocating from this empty space in my lungs
I still have to run away from you and everyone else

And of course as sure as the rain I'll fall
And when I meet the ground with my apologetic splash
You'll realize you should have worn your best coat
Cause I can't predict how near or far
What direction or time the wind will pick us up
And take us away

Cross your fingers and it will happen though
Because nothing is ever a sure thing
No one can spread the love you bring
Or should I say brought
Cause it's been months now
And I'm sure you forgot
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