How Low Can A Punk Get? Testo

Testo How Low Can A Punk Get?

I didn't mean to rip off
I thought it was a get off of mine.
I tried to make the scence off.
The plan was doomed to set off on time
The time that I was wastin'
I spent chasin' in the pits.
And now I pay the price
To make the sacrifice of a fool.

I was on me.
I choose not to be
Cheated on part of thrill.
Bargained was not fulfilled.
Lost in a crazy scheme
That got strapped up in my dream.
And now my time's run out.
Oh, what's it all about?

Another D.O.A.
Can you help me
How low can the punk get


How low can the punk get

How low can the punk get
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