Born To Lose Testo

Testo Born To Lose

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Your way so far has been the one
of trial and tribulation
Paid dearly for the things you won
while others had the needed sum
Nothing fell into your lap,
always had to graft for it
While some chuck their dosh about
you can´t afford to stand a round...

Poor living - BORN TO LOSE
Life´s a bitch, life´s a bitch

"What´s up, let´s go to another bar?"
"With what I´ve got I won´t go far..."
That´s just a scene from every night -
we´re from the blocks that you avoid...

We´re used to grab each straw,
fight on beyond the law
As Lemmy said back then:
we´re born to lose and live to win...