Cocaine Testo

Testo Cocaine

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
One of these days again, one thought´s so dominant
I set out desperately, gotta get some in the end...

I want it bad as fuck
I love it spinning ´round my brain
It´s time for another one,
my focus is always on COCAINE

I´m not the one you know, this outer shell ain´t me
I dwell in my own prison where none can look and see
You call it an affliction, part of this "rock´n´roll"
I lead the life I want to, you got a weakness of your own

You say it´s an addiction and I´m loosing my control
I´m in a vicious circle - who´ s gonna save my soul?

I´m running out of luck
I need it - gimme some cocaine!
Yeah it´s all I want
without it living ain´t the same
I want it bad as fuck
I need it spinning ´round my brain!
I´m a puppet now,
my focus only on COCAINE
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