Horror Show Testo

Testo Horror Show

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
A thin white line on the mirror in front of me
my last sleep was long ago
the pulse too fast, my eyes chasing enemies
which I neither see nor know

My nerves are so strained I feel over-sensitive
I´m cold and my jaws are tight
with lids opened wide my room has become a jail
in this neverending night, it´s so dead outside

You know it´s a HORROR SHOW
I can´t let go, it´s a HORROR SHOW

My body´s so tired I lost all control of it
my mind though is fully awake
I´ve got to move, too cranked up that I can´t sit
my limbs begin to shake and there is no break

Another one´s fine, it´s an opportunity
and I just can´t let go...
It knocks on the door, my heart´s pounding heavily
I´m trapped in this HORROR SHOW
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