Kids Of The Nation Testo

Testo Kids Of The Nation

You gotta be strong, KIDS OF THE NATION
You gotta be strong, there´s no hope for anyone
You gotta be strong, KIDS OF THE NATION
Times are hard for you...

They tell you on TV you´re prospects are bad
Won´t get a job anyway, you´ve heard what they said
The story´s repeated, you´re caught in its flow
It´s another generation with no future now

Times are hard for you...

Let´s destroy...
the rotten foundation of our whole nation
Let´s destroy...
what´s giving you nothing but your frustration
Let´s destroy...
the money-grabbing cunts´ capitalist system
Let´s unite, be strong...

When I was a kid my future seemed bleak
Because I did not intend to be neat
Just wanted to swim against the tide
My mum still says my options were bright
Today the situation is worse
You gotta resign, you gotta feel cursed
Whatever you do no one takes you on
This nation doesn´t give you a place to belong
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