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Testo Made In Germany

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Heyho - watch ´em play "Searching for the enemy"
Heyho - watch ´em pray it's someone else who's gonna pay
Heyho - watch ´em play "Searching for the enemy"
Heyho - watch ´em pray, someone always used to bleed...

If times are bad - who´s blamed for it?
It´s not themselves but someone else...
A culprit´s made to excuse their plight
It's like modern stakes fueled by their own frustration

Resigning, complaining - they need one to blame him
Accusing, abusing - the scapegoat they have chosen
What the Jews used to be are the blacks, Turks or gay

Who's next to face their new rat race?
Maybe it's you, your hair's dyed blue...
Be sure they'd blame it also on me
and feel ashamed that I was made in Germany
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