Misanthropist Testo

Testo Misanthropist

What´s gone wrong with our own race?
Human scum's to be replaced...

Here we stand on the brink of decline
wasting more precious time
while man still exploits and kills his kin
If I was some god and had to see this planet rot
yeah I would send my Four Horsemen in...

I really despise the human race
We´re better replaced...

What´s gone wrong with our race?
Humankind - we're a disgrace
Sometimes I doubt its right to exist

There´s no bounds for its greed, raised with hostility
- no "pride of creation" if you ask me...
What it´s caused is a mess, it´s a dangerous species
aggressive towards its habitat

Yes, I´m part of this dangerous species

What´s gone wrong with the human race?
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