Fuck Armageddon . . . This Is Hell Testo

Testo Fuck Armageddon . . . This Is Hell

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
There's people out there that say I'm no good,
cause I don't believe the things that I should,
and when the final conflict comes, I'll be so sorry I did wrong,
and hope and pray that our lord god will think I'm good.
Countries manufacture bombs and guns
to kill your brother for something that he hasn't even done.
Smog is ruining my lungs, but they aren't sorry they've done wrong,
they hide behind their lies that they're helping everyone.
In the end the good will go to heaven up above,
the bad will perish in the depths of hell.
How can hell be any worse when life alone is such a curse?
Fuck Armageddon, this is hell.
We're living in the denouement of the battle's gripping awe,
so what's the use of being good to satisfy them all?
How could hell be any worse? Life alone is such a curse!
Fuck Armageddon, this is hell
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