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Testo Individuals

individuals run for coverfor the multitude of thoughtless cloneshave reached a critical mass, have reached a critical massindividuals hide in fearunder cover, sheltered by the waferthin veil of intelligence, thin veil of intelligenceindividuals, nowhere to be seenurbana is oozinglike a bloated carcass with maggotscooking in the desert heat, cooking in the desert heatoozing, with progeny writhingand desperate for input fromsomeone more determined, someone more determinedcongreating in invisible cirlceshalf apart and half a partall to aware of ther insignificancepushing on with soul and heartindiviaduals don't pray for forgivenesswhen pinned up against the wallunder siege of persecution, under siege of persucationindividuals command exceptionand accept dichotomymaybe you can't choose anymore, maybe you can't choose anymoreprocreation without gain or purposelanguid wills and torpid mindscatapulted ever faster by the arrow of time

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