Mediocrity Testo

Testo Mediocrity

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I've spent my life observing
and then pondering this place
and never has confusion ever ceased
I've also heard a lot of exaltation for our kind
and sanctimonious reverence for peace
The stories from our childhood
condition us to think
that beauty is a basic human trait
but how are they reconciled with daily realities
like poverty and dominance and rape

But you have to be
stone cold dead not to see
overwhelming incongruity
as we search for suggestions to remedy...


If you just sit back and record what you see
the tragic and exquisite are the same to some degree
but most events depict a common theme:
there's far more disorder
than there is harmony

I said you've got to be
stone cold dead not to see
overwhelming incongruity
It is pointless to search for teleology

(always mediocrity)
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