Nobody Listens Testo

Testo Nobody Listens

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Hey mister, don't point at me
you shout rhetoric nonsense like a Pavlovian model
responding to his questions

hey teacher, arrogance is bliss
you spend your time turning water into life
as if you were God's foreman

is it any wonder
things seem so awry?
the masses are cloaked in confusion?
we don't have to think to survive
so nobody listens

hey recluse, dont shout at me
you proclaim yourself expert by extensions of the methods
detailed in your magazines

hey downer, don't prey on me
we've all got bum raps that torment us day to day
that we hoist on our own shoulders

is it any wonder
people pass you by?
your plea for understanding
is heard as desperate lies?
nobody listens

I can't help you...

is it any wonder
things are so inane?
so many quests for compassion
are just for someone's personal gain

so nobody listens to you
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