The New America Testo

Testo The New America

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The new americaBad ReligionThe new AmericaDo you know the cost of future misery ?Have you lost your sense of sustainability ?We are just a step away from realizing what we strive to beBut we`ve got to break out from this insultated blind and lame senilityWake up the new America Wo-oh!Transcend the mass hysteria Wo-oh!Change is the thing that you`re wary of Wo-oh!We need a new America Wo-oh!Laurels , human triumph , bestownments from the pastVictories don`t mean a thing if they don`t lastWe are just marching toward extinction with blinders on our eyesJeopdrdizing everything we`ve learned and come to realize , you call that wise ?Open your eyes America Wo-oh!See through the lies they tell us to Wo-oh!Confront the fears that worry us Wo-oh!We need a new America Wo-oh!We don`t have to be afraid to re-inventWe`ve got start to build , progress , and implementFor when we take our fill , and never pay the priceWe only build ourselves a fleeting , false paradiseYou can live in stauch denial and mark me as your enemyBut I´m just a voice among the throng who want a bighter destiny,they say with me ...We are the new America Wo-oh!This is the new America ? Wo-oh!We are the new America Wo-oh!This is the new America ? Wo-oh!