Pep Talk Testo

Testo Pep Talk

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[Verse One]
Follow my lead as I delve into channels of chi affix harmony
inwardly naturally
Sole purpose on the physical plane
is to master my mind soul spirit and anatomy
Gradually map out destiny
Embrace the oneness that rest in me
Build a force field for the negativity
then within it find out what the lesson be
Keep key elements to my survival elevating on spiral movement movin'
Subsequent to substance drawn off the perineum point or Hui Yin
union Of the fem and the masculine become primary goals for the selves
to blend amend connection between jing and shen
then be somewhere in the mix when life begins....

[Verse Two]
Inherited simpler ways to make better days
Striving to pave a steady trail evading the maze
Tending to exaperate peronal space
that in turn alienates and stagnates true state of your place
In the scheme of things
in accordance to whatever karm brings
Face truth even if it do like bee stings
or financially I'm up and down like moodswings
Attitude is till footloose and fancy free broaden my horizon
roaming the galaxy galloping ballantly
Limits and boundaries Haam be clowning
These feed off most high source surrounding me
See each and every movement merely
as a chance to bond and correspond with power of the all in existence
Life is a privilege
Learn it love it live it...

[Repeat verse one]
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