A Hellbound Heart Testo

Testo A Hellbound Heart

Behold godless soul
wrought of hate for a sinners toll
awash in flesh and greed i bow
a thousands days in numbing cold
poisoned lips and poisoned cups
hidden knives and worthless fucks
a dance of death
and end of days
i worship none
none more than pain
through a pit of blades i stray,regret now blacks the light of days of younger flesh and younger hearts
where faith in time and youth still sparked the will to leave the house each day. i saw my path but chose to stray
and now i crawl on back and say ive seen my heart and youth decay.

im broken
and i hope to die alone
ive been failed by every hero ive held
ive called a burning house a home
im dying and its no ones fault but my own
ive chose to burn to this body and mind
this hellbound heart ill own

help me im in hell,among the lost to life i dwell
demons tear and shred this soul
as walking death infects the world i know

im unburied
but fucking dead
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