Coffin Nails Testo

Testo Coffin Nails

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
They may not be my friends but they are my brothers.
We may be going to hell but we'll be going together.
Just how much things have changed with time, has really started to blow my mind,
And I couldn't win at friggin losing.
The only thing that's changed is my excuses, the only prize I've gained is other losers.
Another day, another nail, a pound of flesh lumped on the scale,
My light at the end of the tunnel was just a trick of the eye.
I'm neck deep in a hole I've dug with every word I've said and
Every face I've loved, I think I'll hit that alarm and just roll back in my grave.
Swimming like a brick in an ocean of fucked, waiting for death like a friggin bus.
I'm scraping the barrel just to poison my mind.
My heart's barely beating and my brain is shot this piss poor outlook's all I got.
The man said "Boy all that sex and booze is gonna kill you."
And I said "Man I sure hope so, it would be a bitch to think I was wasting all this time.",
Trying to blur my thought, trying to dull my mind.
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