Dusk Testo

Testo Dusk

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Your arms that take
your arms invertebrate
venomous,constricting and cold
blood warms to life
tongue flickers in time
vibrations awaken your soul
the mind sheds away
you circle, break,swerve and stay
you stare so deep ,you rise so tall
you gently sway,your silhouette writhes and plays
its poison up on the wall
drumming hearts they sync and then slow
(you) whisper songs of peace and of home
whisper promise though don't show what you see
when those black diamonds stare straight through to me
flicker in time
gently entwine
daggers slide sharper than pain
rise up,around
liquid and vapor
a warmth that creeps up through my veins
now is your time
and ive walked this line
(while) you slid down deep in my soul
i fade away as you breathe your song heavy
and i take my show on the road
slide on black racer,slide on
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