I Am Legion Testo

Testo I Am Legion

I am
for i am many
and many devils have entered me
i am legion
i am Gadarene
but these demons wont be cast from me
Abyssos, the farthest depths, from where they rose of Baal and Set
Seven serpents,seven seas, seven walls imprison me
but none shall pass without the key
and it was lain down at their feet
i welcomed them,they welcomed me
never blind
i chose not to see
the engine
the weapon
beneath the flesh
a fragile minds caverns
to hide within
an engine,a weapon is now my heart
the building of towers that crumble and fall apart
An angels boiling blood is flowing backwards through my veins
creatures feeding endlessly upon a child's pain
i am now the sum of all the demons that infest
a cancer of my own construct and built in self defense.
i am legion
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