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Testo On Hooks

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Everyday i feel this life is drowning me
every face to cross my path is sickening
a pit devoid of soul, of heart or empathy
i try to find a point at all but i cant see.
on these fucking hooks ill hang
to writhe and rot in iron chains
spirit guides and pills for pain
they drag me to an early grave
ive faced the truth i wont be saved
its far too late for epiphany
the cloaked ghost will strike the days
until this world is through with me

i try but i cannot relate at all
theres no place for me in this fucking world
every time i reach to try again
im knocked back down reminded who i am
with serpents eyes they smile up at me
they pull their hooks and suck dry what they need
they drop an empty corpse down at their feet
and with their cloven hooves step over me

here ill hang
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