Rattlesnakes Testo

Testo Rattlesnakes

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
i check my hand, it's shredded and bleeding
from holding broken glass punching echoes in the face
can't see you, eyes covered, not looking your ice blue eyes pierce like
lightning through the space
thirteen arrows tear tunnels right through me
my fingers stuff the holes but the bleeding it persists
check my mirror its cracking distorted
my vision could be questioned but the visage no doubt mine
and now i'm teasing with these rattlesnakes
i'm kissing cobras on the head
i roll the dice despite my past mistakes
only the lucky end up dead
i'll face the pain but the pain ain't mine
i shouldn't walk this late at night
asking for trouble when i climbed that fence
i'm out of my mind - shes out of sight
hey mom i'm going out tonight so put my calls on hold
now joey no fights tonight, i'd bet shed wish i was
hey mom i'm going out tonight so tell em' i'm not home
now joey no trouble tonight, how does she always know.
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