...And Straight On 'till Breakfast Testo

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Testo ...And Straight On 'till Breakfast

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The train to heaving is too slow when you're out there alone
So bring it back to basics roll it pass it over and under
We all know you're on the phone though you're far too stoned
Do you want to fuck shit up?
It's less fun on my own

Do you want to go there?
Do you want to stay for long?
Do you want to play pin-the-fault 'till we can barely walk?
Well if you want to go there, and if you want to stay for long
Then it's on

We're all fading but we're in motion
We're all failing to define our moments
The time to decide is over
Oh God it's over

I ran into an old friend and stole a moment alone
She looked at me and she said hell has frozen over and i told her
I'd been there once before on a vacation
The food was pretty nice, but I thought it would be colder

So we close our eyes and see where we go
When we close our eyes and see where go
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