A Brand New Husband Testo

Testo A Brand New Husband

Young Viv : A brand new husband,
Though I'm no beginner.
A brand new husband,
I can sure pick a winner.
First date, all charm - you can't ask for more,
Next time, it's kapow! And you're on the floor.
Split lip, black eye and a broken jaw,
From your brand new husband.

It's no wonder I went,
Nearly out my head.
We all dream Mr Right
Is the man we'll wed.
But we wake up beside
Mr Shite instead.
He's your brand new husband.

A brand new husband
We all need adoring,
A brand new husband
What a pity he's boring.
When we're in bed me head starts to ache
'Cos love is a mess, you don't want to make.
But given time you learn how to fake
For your brand new husband.
But it won't be too long
Till you've had a think.

Young Viv : There is little love lost
Husband 4 : We are on the blink.
Young Viv : It's another divorce
Never lost a wink
Lost another husband.

A brand new husband
Am I sounding bitter?
A brand new husband
You can't call me a quitter.
Forget him shooting up in the loo.
Forgive him his beating you black and blue,
As long as he tells you.

Husband 5 : I love you,
I do, I really and truly do.

Viv : So it's overdose time
I've no luck with men.
Soon the ambulance comes
You're in trouble then.
And they say he'll be fine

Young Viv/Viv : But you mourn again.
And you mourn again...
And you mourn again ...

Young Viv : Mourn for a brand new husband
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