A Lover's Ghost Testo

Testo A Lover's Ghost

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Oh, you're welcome home again
Said this young man to his love
I have waited for you many's the night and day
You are tired and you are pale
Said this young man to his dear
You must never again go away

I must go away she said
When the little cock does crow
For here they will not let me stay
Oh, but if I had my wish
My dearest dear, she said
This night would be never ever day

Oh, my pretty little cock
My handsome little cock
I pray you do not crow before the day
And your comb it shall be made
Of the very beaten gold
And your wings of a silver so grey

But, oh this little cock
This handsome little cock
He crew a full hour too soon
And my true love she said
It is time for us to part
It is now the going down of the moon

And where is your bed
My true love, he said
And where are your white hall and sheets
And where are the waiting maids
My dearest dear, he said
Who wait upon you while you are asleep

The clay it is my bed
My true love she said
And the shroud it is my white hall and sheet
And the worm and the creeping things
They are my waiting maids
They wait upon me while I am asleep
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