Anytime You're Down And Out Testo

Testo Anytime You're Down And Out

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I got my feelings just like you,
I got my problems like anyone else,
But lately it seems, no one believes,
Things will get better, before too long, you'll see,


Anytime you're down and out,
I will be at hand,
If you need me in a crowd,
I'll come at your command,
But help me first by picking up,
The pieces on the ground,
Help yourself and everyone,
Will want to be around

Everyone's down at the heel,
No one wants to look outside their door,
Hangin' their heads, better off dead,
Waiting for a sign and never doing more


But I just wanna say to you,
What's been preying on my mind,
You will never see a sunny day
If you always stay inside
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