Call On Me Testo

Testo Call On Me

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
When everything you're after
Turns out a disaster
And you're feeling bad
When everything you're doing
Goes from red to blue
And you are growing mad

At the crossroads you are standing
Waiting for a hand to show you where to go
But as the rain is lashing
No-one else is passing by to let you know


So call on me and I'll help you to cry
That's the least that I can do
For when I say goodbye to you
You'll wonder why
All I'm gonna do is help you cry

Now you've got your freedom
Your eyes begin to see some things they've never known
All the time has gone for giving
And soon you'll be living on your own

I'm not saying you won't make it
Or that you can't take it when I'm gone
You look at me with daring
But I'm not even caring if you get along


I'm not trying to fool you
Or even to be cruel
You know me far too well
But if you'd been yourself dear
I might have found a reason not to disappear

But it's far too late now
I'm getting on first rate
That it's passing by
And I could say I'm sorry
But I'm in no hurry
Besides, it'd be a lie

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