Canary (Reprise) Testo

Testo Canary (Reprise)

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
Young Viv : It happened once upon a time,
This story of a small canary,
A little Goldie and she lived in a cage,
And never thought that she were owt but ordinary.

Until the time she found her mate,
A Yorkshire of the finest feather.
And she and he broke free and flew from the cage,
And what a time they had both flying high together.

You gotta feed 'em on green food
And seed mix,
And soft food when
They're still chicks.
It's time for me to go back to
Me old cage,
And start over
At my age.

Viv : 'Cos singing alone
Ain't much of a fate,
And me I'm like him
I want my mate
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