Give Me One Good Reason Testo

Testo Give Me One Good Reason

A million angry cars tear up the street
Running like a river in the heat
Shimmering in pools of dust and steam
I shelter in the slot machine arcade
Shutting out a pulse that I can feel
Like some deceitful doll the future told me lies
I can only see that now, the smoke is in my eyes


Gimme one good reason
I should stay for one more heartbeat
Gimme one good reason
Not to turn and walk away
Gimme one good reason
I should build my life in concrete
Gimme one good reason
And I'll give you one more day

One more day

Reflected in the glass above the crowd
I can hear the light rays crying out
Flying through the purple city sky
The circling machine that fills my head
Answering the question left unsaid
I step into the street to say goodbye
Like some unfaithful love
The promise leads me on
I can see it dancing through your smoke
And then it's gone


The time slips by
The tears I cry
And yet for all these lies
I feel like I'm wasted here
I can leave this city now
The smoke will disappear

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