Highland Harry Testo

Testo Highland Harry

My Harry was a gallant gay
Fu' stately strade he on the plain
But now he's banish'd far away
I'll never see him back again


O for him back again
O for him back again
I wad gie a' Knockhaspie's land
For Highland Harry back again

When a' the lave gae to their bed
I wander dowie up the glen
I set me down and greet my fill
For Highland Harry back again


O were some villains hangit high
And ilka body had their ain!
When I might see the joyfu' sight
O Highland Harry back again


Sad was the day one Sunday hour
He left me in this native plain
And rushed his injured friends to join
But, o, he never came back again


Strong was my Harry's arm in fight
Unmatched on all Culloden's plain
But vengeance has put down the right
And o, he'll never come back again

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