I Could Fall Testo

Testo I Could Fall

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Gimme your heart
You can have mine
And I will say you are the one
I have been waiting for

You came along
I was untied
And it's been in the stars
For us to meet tonight

People can come
Most of them roll
And you are back again
With nothing really gained at all

Once in a while
You make a find
I must be dreaming
And it's you who's on my mind


I could fall
I know what that means you see
I could fall
Head over heels and be in love with you

Come to me soon
I'll be alone
And for a time I will be yours
And love you only
Will we be true
No one can say
It's like a stolen dream
You feel will slip away

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