I Once Loved A Lad Testo

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Testo I Once Loved A Lad

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I once loved a lad and I loved him so well
That I hated all others that spoke of him ill
But noo he's rewarded me well for my love
He's gone to be wed to another

When I saw my love, to the church go
Wi' bride and bride maidens, they made a fine show
And I followed on wi' a heart fu' of woe
For he's gone to be wed to another

When I saw my love sit down to dine
I sat down beside him and poured out the wine
And I drank to the laddie wha should have been mine
But now he is wed to another

The men o' yon forest, they ask it of me
How many stawberries grow in the salt sea
And I ask of them back with a tear in my e'e
How many ships sail in the forest

So dig me a grave and dig it so deep
And cover it ower with flowers so sweet
And I'll turn in for to take a long sleep
Ad maybe in time I'll forget him
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