Judgement Day Testo

Testo Judgement Day

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
'Half a minute' was the cry
As they looked towards the sky
It was blazing in the middle of the day
But the ball of fire they saw
Was God giving them what for
And the whole place trembled lest there be a war

It was Thursday afternoon
When the holocaust resumed
There were buildings whose foundations weren't sound
But the roars which filtered down
Were a devastating sound
'Twas God informing them he was around


Keep your eyes on the ground
In your own suburban town
For you never can tell when it'll be here
The beginning of the end
Can be either now or when
He decides that He's had too much to bear

The final episode
Was a crack across the road
Which consumed a hundred sinners in one bout
So thereby hangs a tale, that existence is so frail
It can be gathered in, by Him who hands it out

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