Spent Testo

Testo Spent

Viv/Young Viv : Invest!

Young Viv : Invest the money, make a mint.
Never again will I be skint,
If I invest.

Viv : Are you impressed?
Young Viv : A shop!
Viv : So I bought a shop.
Young Viv : I'll buy a shop - I like boutiques.
It's full of mice - a roof that leaks,
My little shop.
Viv : It starts to flop

Young Viv : I can wear the clothes so,
Let's stock up,
Everything in size ten.
Viv : A cock-up!
Half the dough,
Watch it go,

Young Viv/Viv : In debt!
Now, I'm in debt and I'm in deep,
When friends are buying stuff so cheap.
What do you get?
You get in debt.
Go broke.
I'm going broke and half insane,
I've seen me dream go down the drain,
Or up in smoke.

Viv : A flippin' joke,
Never understood for
One second,
Why it didn't work how
I reckoned...
Made a hash
Of the cash
In a flash.

Viv/Young Viv : Spent, spent, spent!
All of it
Spent, spent, spent!
All of it
Spent, spent, spent!
All of it
Spent, spent, spent!
All of it.

Young Viv : Spent, spent, spent!
Spent, spent, spent!
Viv : Spent, spent, spent, spent!
Spent, Spent

Viv/Young Viv : Spent
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