The Dreadnought Testo

Testo The Dreadnought

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
There's a saucy wild packet, and a packet of fame
She belongs to New York, and the Dreadnought's her name
She is bound to the westward where the stormy winds blow
Bound away in the Dreadnought, to the westward we'll go

Now the time of her sailing is now drawing nigh
Farewell, pretty May, I must bid you goodbye
Farewell to old England and all there we hold dear
Bound away in the Dreadnought, to the westward we'll steer

Now the Dreadnought' is bowlin' down the wild Irish Sea
Her passengers are merry, their hearts full of glee
While her sailors like lions walk the decks to and fro
She's a Liverpool packet, oh, Lord, let her go

Now the Dreadnought is a-crossing the Atlantic so wide
While the dark, heavy seas roll along her black sides
With her sails neatly spread, and the Red Cross to show
She's a Liverpool packet, oh Lord, let her go

Well, here's a health to the Dreadnought, and to all her brave crew
To bold Captain Samuel and his officers too
Talk about your flash packets, Swallow Tail and Black Ball
The Dreadnought's the clipper to beat one and all
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