The Three Healths Testo

Testo The Three Healths

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
To ane king and nae king, ane uncle and father
To him that's all these yet allowed to be neither
Come push it aboot while the bottle's our standard
If you know what I mean it's a health to our landlord

To ane queen and nae queen, ane aunt and nae mother
Come boys let us cheerfully drink off another
And now to be honest we'll stick by our faith sir
And stand by our landlord as long as we've breath sir

To ane prince and nae prince, ane son and nae bastard
Beshrew him that say it, a lie that is fostered
God bless them all three, we'll conclude with this one sir
It's a health to our landlord, his wife and his son, sir

To our monarch's return once more we'll advance boys
We've one that's in Flanders, the other's in France boys
Then aboot with the health, let him come, let him come then
Send the wan into England, and both are at home then
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