Thro' The Recent Years Testo

Testo Thro' The Recent Years

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Thro' the recent years I planned
To live and play a lonely game
Never was in great demand
I heard you say you felt the same

Now the faded years have slipped away
And I find my memory began just yesterday
I will never understand
What happened when you held my hand

(La la-la...)

All my words of love's design
They seem to sound so rearranged
Though I use the same old rhyme
At last I found the answer's changed

Strangers in the morning it would seem
That love forgot to waken like the passing of a dream
Everything was going fine
Until the moment that your hand touched mine

(La la-la..)

Couldn't find a single word to say
I'm the lucky loser in the game you have to play
Counting all the hopes and fears
That I have gathered thro' the recent years

(La la-la...)
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