We Were Never Really Out Of Love Testo

Testo We Were Never Really Out Of Love

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Going in circles, running around
I couldn't find the magic I found with you
Baby, I feel it too
Saying goodbye was easy to say
But breaking up ain't breaking away
And all the time we never even guessed
What we started out with was the best


Were we ever really out of love, no never
Baby, it was always you and me
Broken-hearted ever since the day we parted
Just a pair of fools who couldn't see (who couldn't see)
We were never really out of love
(Were we ever)

Somehow I felt the feeling was gone
Glad to be free and glad to be on my own
But I should have known
Must have been crazy, fooling myself
The thought of you with somebody else
Just seemed to be the spark to light the flame
We were not the strangers we became


How could we know that time would prove us wrong
We were broken-hearted all along

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