We'll Believe In Lovin' Testo

Testo We'll Believe In Lovin'

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Rain may keep on fallin'
And the clouds may all be grey
Forest trees and autumn leaves
May all be blown away
Couldn't be a greyer day
To get out there seems no way

Come with me and we'll
Walk every mountain high
Go searchin' every foreign sky
We'll believe in lovin'
In loving's what we'll believe
We'll take the right train
To a brighter day
Be sure of knowing that we're
On our way
We'll believe in lovin'
In lovin' is what we believe
With all of our days spent together

You're blue but you don't know why
And the sadness hangs around
Listen to me and we'll leave
This old town
It won't ever get you down
You can smile you won't have to frown
Say goodbye to everything around
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