Cannibal Testo

Testo Cannibal

I'm the Machiavellian reincarnation of evil
My name was written with blood and fire
I'm a bizarre creation, a new form of life
Who walks along the sinister park of the
Dark human existence
I'm prepared for my flesh feast
I need fresh human meat
I hide my victims
I will come for you
Silver moon rises above the trees
The cold winter wind is singing
Blasphemous death songs
My inner demons whisper me
The secret of my violent mission
Now is the time to hunt new human victims
My knife will cut your internal organs
Your skin will be peeled and stripped
Off the bone
The power to kill is on my mind
Mutilation by knives
Hammers cracking open your skull
Human blood give me the eternal energy
To be immortal!
I'm slipping into madness!
Morbid visions of murders!
The voices of my victims!
Torture me!
I'll eat... your brain... I will drink... your blood!
Faces... of horror... I need... your flesh!
Mutilation... of corpses... I am a... psychopath!
Massive... destruction... brutal... Bloody death!
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