Lost Souls Testo

Testo Lost Souls

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I can hear them
Whispering in my mind
Voices of the past
The dead waiting for us
Across the forest arrive
Screams of the lost souls
Across the forest arrive
Ice breath of death
Dark night dressed in red
Where the black moon reigns
Death return to the earth
When the suffering ends

Mighty father await for me. On the other side
Bring me lord. Where darkness is forever

Macabre dance of death embraces the night
Funeral march come from the woods

From the light that blind my eyes
From the memories of my tragedy in life
I only remember the pain
No glory days for the miserable

The millenarian black bells tolls again
In the night of deceased
The ancients legends come true
The life left me death is behind to the next door

Looking into the mirror of life
I only see the past years of agony
My torment is ending now
Blinded by fear
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