Satan's Desolation Testo

Testo Satan's Desolation

Ligabue, in arrivo il nuovo film
Year 2002 A.D.
Mankind expect I'm the malefactor
Christ their saviour
They stole all my greatness
Now I rest alone in my skull throne.
What can I see in their free world:
Hungry, destruction everywhere,
Constant war to fill the thirst of greed of the powerful ones...
There are no ideologies
And world still think I'm the malignancy made flesh.
All the hate inside your heads will be my cradle in Earth
Now is the time to stop murdering in the name of God...
Now is my time
Year 1 b. Satan
Do you expect malignancy? You will got it
Hatred, too
War, hahahahahahaha
The great war is here
Total annihilation of human kind, forget your prayers
Mother and children aren't safe
Blood will be shed
Hell fire, arise!!
Underworld creatures, die!!
Satan hordes, destroy!!
Infernal missiles, blood-thirst demons
Now the world's on fire
Arise Satan Empire
I will finish my confinement
I will end my desolation
I will finish with your pain,
But your pain will last forever
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