Voices From Beyond Testo

Testo Voices From Beyond

It was on a dark winter's night
The iced wind blew through the trees
When a sad soul of the world disappeared
Consumed by fear and desperation

Suffocated into cries of agony
Lives in eternal chaos
Condemned to suffer a new dawn each day
Feeling like life slowly disappears

Each time more near to madness
I hear the voices from beyond
Which lead me to insanity
I've lost the sense of life
I renounce to my sins
Traveling through hell with Satan

This is no place for failed
When the fight ends
And your defeat is iminent
You realize you're following the wrong way
You can not succumb
Do not give up before your enemies

But while you're trying to protect it
Your soul forgets the dangers

It falls back into the abyss
And you can't liberate it

There is nothing to believe
Only death is forever
What's this life for?
What's this lost time for?
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