End The War (With Laurits Medom From As We Fight) Testo

Testo End The War (With Laurits Medom From As We Fight)

Keeping it clean is life to me
Independence's what I plead
Abstention's my philosophy
Straight edge is my destiny

Cherish lifetime insanity
Lose control and let it be
Bad habits set me free
Fucked for real feels good to me

No meat, no drugs, no alcohol
Want it all and I want more
No screwing around for affection
Plain pollution to the core
It's my life and I'm the boss
Life is hard and then you die
'tag my hands with a big black cross
Risking it all is worth the try

Let's go

Two of a kind - for the love of the scene
Won't blame you if you won't blame me
It's our lives - we can do what we want
United and strong - one hardcore front

One for all same brawl
End the war for hardcore
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