March To The Sea Testo

Testo March To The Sea

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
There was an anchor
There was a silver-sweet refrain
You tucked your fingers in between my troubled bones
And what you did next was second-to-none
You really let us down
You tied yourself up
And jumped in the sea
Never to come home

You left me all alone
Tell me when
I will be whole again

There was a whisper
Once there were heralds and parades
You sang your secrets through the tolling of the tide
The fugitive rooms, the amateur tombs
The silence and cries
The quickening beat
Your march to the sea
Never to return

Sweet morphine
You’ve taken all of me
Let me know
When you will let me go

Where did you take my friend?
Tell me why
Those ropes are hanging high

You left me all alone
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