Low And Going Down Testo

Testo Low And Going Down

Woke up face down in a pile of laundry
I don't know how I even got to this place
The last thing I know I remember
Was heading from the bedroom was it hours or days?
Crawling on the kitchen tile it
Looks like I might be a while

I'm low and going down. I'm low
I'm only rolling here on the ground, I'm low
I'm falling fast, recover slow,
I hate to say it but don't you know
I'm low and going down
I'm low and going down

This roller coaster drives me crazy
It's up one minute then I'm diving the next
You'd think by now it wouldn't faze me
But what if this is just as good as it gets?
Give me something sweet and sticky
Or you'll hear me tell you this


Chemistry is a funny thing
The more you give me the more I need
You might notice before I know it
You might see what I can't see

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