Heed My Warning Testo

Testo Heed My Warning

You can lead a horse to water
But you can't make him drink
You can send a kid to college
But you can't make him think
You'll never miss your water, baby
Till the well runs dry
And you'll never miss me, baby
Till I say good-bye
Mm hm, you'd better heed my warning

The straw that broke the camel's back
Didn't have to be so big
And when you ran off and left me, baby
I almost blew my wig
They say he who has the last laugh
Always laughs the best
And I'm gonna laugh louder, baby
Than all the rest
Mm hm, baby, you'd better heed
You'd better heed my warning

If you want me to get out, baby
You know you don't have to push
But you'll find a bird in hand
Is worth two in the bush
There's no need to lock the barn door
When the cow is gone
But you're gonna miss me, baby
On some frosty dawn
Mm hm, you know you'd better heed
You'd better heed my warning

It's a long, long road
That don't have a turn
You have to be an early bird
If you wanna catch a worm
They say absence makes
The heart grow fonder
So its plain to see
If the grass look greener yonder
Baby, that's where I'm gonna be
Mm hm, baby, you know you'd better heed
You'd better heed my warning
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